MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 125 ’07

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 125 ’07 Who would have thought if a sports figure of the low middle Suzuki Thunder 125 could turn into a grim and heroic figures like moge street bike overseas?. The answer is only in the figure Masripuddin Suzi's Thunder from Jl.Bayangkara RT4-Team Nunukan cal.

"I was so gallant, many are fooled when meloloti figure who thinks this bike if moge real import," kekeh wirawastawan success. Calibaration investigated was the mastermind behind kegagahannya is a creative team that fronted the IMS Racing Andy Syaiful from Tarakan.

"The concept up the flow of street fighter, because it must emphasize that if the spin-dimensional fit to drive also sports mininya image," the prime Ipul.Langkah straightforward action modifnya traced in the sector's legs.

Overall graft gives a chance with my special set of legs moge waste. Fork USD eks.Kawasaki ZX400 carrying that need replacement as home as home-dimensional steering wheel adjusts the steering orsi Thunder, meanwhile armnya dimachoi swing swing arm single sided 400 Honda VTX an increasingly attractive with kondomisasi which creates an aesthetic dimension.

Fee that is full of challenges is the application of the stern rim circumference. Grafting did not intentionally default fee that is an underlayer rada VTX narrow, circular rim install direct Ipul almu variation ex-sized car 5.5 inch width.

"I must menyesuikan position bolt holes in the rim let me get in on the axle mono VTX his arm, other than that I also had to shift the position of the unit swing rada armnya 1 cm to the left to get the center position of the tail body," explained Ipul who was forced to cut rumas end of swing arm as his left side.

Turn body design, sharp angled lines dominate the appearance of body linenya stream. From the gas tank, tail body, strough, scoop water up to cover the lamp design and build from carbon fiber material wrapped in copper color.

Uniquely, the real side crib delta crib delta moge apparently similar results with a fiberglass mold delta crib mattress original Honda CBR 400. Saucy so, ya Thunder've even offered Rp.70 million. .: Tito / punk


Fork: USD ZX400, DPN LEG SET: ZX 400, ARM: Honda VTX 400, TIRE: Swallow, exhaust: Alexander, Lighting SET: Supra-Grand, FOOT REST: Yoshimura, handlebar: Renthal, TACHO: Digital Koso, modifier: IMS Racing Jl.Imam Bonjol / Markoni Tarakan by Ipul (05515506408-081347469996),