MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja 250R '09

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja 250R '09
Quarter-liter Ninja is not just a recalcitrant engine, a sporty-looking and bulky also suitable modified. No wonder, biker slang variant relies caliber Agus Wicaksono Kawasaki sports bike 'Modify this as a material.

"You see, we also have a Ninja 250 communities, the average dimodif already. So the more cool," said Agus Wicaksono, which berpanji Ninja Nitro or Organization Tangerang.

Doi himself berberkal Ninja output in 2009 to modifan chimed in the world. Only, the changes made are not extreme, keep using concept refers to the daily. "You see, often touring.'ll Stay comfortable," she said again.

Because the concept daily use, Agus alter only outside body with additional cutting stickers. Overall total taped all over his body. In order not monotone, this dynamic outfit is melted cut-art color graphics, but based paramuda colors, namely purple, silver and gold.

To fit the body design and dimensions of Ninja, graphics cutingnya made straight, slightly melancip in gold color plus black base.

Special Part feet, Agus is also not a total overhaul. Only part of the replaced disc, including the use of a custom swing arm and monosok ex-R9. To be more impressed sports, dipanteng rim of the ZX10, first repainted orange. Installation of CLD Racing exhaust also adds overall performance. Sip! .: Punk / neo / bot

Modify spek

SOK DPN: Standard dicustom, discs DPN: Variations, SWING ARM: R6, MONOSOK: R6, Tromol BLK: ZX10, rim DPN / BLK; Ex-ZX10, DPN BAN: Battlax 120/60-17, BLK TIRE: Michelin Racing 180 / 55-17, ENGINE; Daily Matches, Ignition; BRT, exhaust: CLD Carbon, LAMPS DPN; Angle eyes, FOOTPEG: RDR Silvers, AIR FILTER: K & N, CAT / CLEAR: Spies Hecker, modifier: Witjax Modizigner Jl. TU Komplak Cipondoh No.9 Tangerang.