MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 250 ’04

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 250 ’04
he form of madness in the soul Masruddin muscular figure bike really exposed by collecting various works MODIF homage to street fighter. The latest, the president was showing off Nunukan Community mascot Thunder Thunder '04 Suzuki street fighter 'fiber' Modify master works from Tarakan, IMS Racing by Andy Syaiful.

"Base Thunder 250 are really fits with the concept that I want, so stay carefulness kang is so decisive valor Ipul design macho street fighter," straightforward citizens Jl.Bhayangkara Nunukan Kal-RT 4 this team. Bring direct Ipul set foot moge waste from the capital prepared for the heroic figure of 250 feet was Thunder.

Both sets of circular foot rim and disc fronted Yamaha YZF R-1 complete with a swing arm assembly needed adjustments as wide position with both ends of the swing armnya trimmed to fit into the framework hurdle clamp swing arm as a more narrow Thunder.

Meanwhile, unit-side-up fork downnya waste product dipancang Suzuki GSX-R 750 who just need an adjustment dimension as stirnya home alone with grub as new results lathe process.

Observing the body design and driving sharp pointy, so not possible if the framework is maintained orsi virgin. "Yup, kang Ipul directly cut tail tail frames and frames made from materials Anyar nungging gas pipes let half dim tail pointed sectornya driving can appear ferocious," Udin straightforward.

Adjust the concept of pointy, gas tanks, side Shroud, water scoop and side cover made of fiberglass dirupa sharp angle. Even the head light visor that grafting Kawasaki KLX 3D re-design more sharply.

Then this total body handsome directly melted lemon yellow color ala Winning Camel. "It focuses only on the outside attractive design , I also touch with hydraulic clutch which is simple technology that could peel the rubric Otre Tips Tricks several editions ago," lid Ipul. .: Tito / ADT


Fork: USD Suzuki GSXR750, racing wheel-disc-SWING ARM: Yamaha YZF R-1, BAN: Swallow & Battlax, HEAD LIGHT: Kawak.KLX 150, exhaust: Alexander, FOOT REST: Suzuki GSXR 750, handlebars: Renthal, modifier: IMS Racing Jl.Imam Bonjol / Markoni Tarakan by Ipul (05515506408-081347469996)