MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Sporty 2007

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Sporty 2007
Consistent fall in the road race skubek, garages GT Speed forget baseball research engine for drag racing event driven in straight aje. Here's the result of Yamaha Mio mixing commercial workshop held at Griya Cinere 2, Block 48, No. 3, Cinere, Depok. Potion local collaboration is part of Thailand and rely on the long stroke.

"As it happens some time ago can drag items for Mio hunting results in Thailand," said Acep Supandi, Speed GT owner who frequently travel to the Land of the White Elephant with mechanical H. Indra Putra Laksana.

Direct Okay aja ya talking about the engine change. To increase the capacity of machines, Indra memparcayakan 65.5 mm diameter piston, said Honda's 300 oversized Tiger. Lha he said often to Thailand, kok pake local components as well?

But for the handlebar mounted piston and crutches as aftermarket products that already have a package from Thailand with strokenya 86 mm. "Take it from the pendulum, handlebars crankcase of the piston to the Thai," said the dark-skinned mechanic who calculate so swollen Mio cylinder capacity in the range of 289.6 cc.

Crankcase advantages are already plug and play so stand space already made a big cylinder boring. 61 mm in diameter, initially constrained to be 73.5 wide. "The pathway has also been available oil, not vulnerable to the problem," said Indra.

make the beat of high compression, all local products dilakoni aka Pak Haji own concoction results. Starting from the cylinder head, let dipapas solid head 0.8 mm. "Rely on the width valve, suction valve for 33 mm and 29.5 mm exhaust valves are taken from the Toyota Camry," said Indra.

For the back design, doi ogah trouble, again relying on the product K3 Kawahara. "But let me round up more and more fierce ass dibubut back again around 1 mm," said former mechanic who is drivers.

Round down quite muted by setting the ratio, roller and roller housing design. "Relying on the ratio of 18/39. Rollernya While the average 15 grams and relying on home big roller pulley model," said Indra.

Adequate fuel supply was accompanied by karbu Keihin PE copotan from Honda NSR150 SP, just let more yahud direamer to 32 mm. For setting the right set-jet pilot and main 42-jet 140.

YZ pegapian sector relies coil, while coil supported CDI Morin labeled standards. "This innate Yamaha Fino, qualified enough to drag motor," said Indra.


Exhaust: Kawahara
Magnet: Standard lathe 1mm
Centrifugal brake: Kawahara