MODIFIKASI Yamaha Nouvo z '02 Buggy matic

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Nouvo z '02 Buggy matic
Shows its fangs as a modifier of the Earth bully Tarakan, Tayun, sociable man flagged Tayun modifier Racing Modification recently successfully released the latest Xtreme mascot that refers to the concept of "Buggy Car."

"Because it took the concept of the car, then all the legs of any kuaplikasi from the car's parts," said modifier is versatile. Initial steps to make the maded own custom made a dim gas pipeline that connecting using argon welding.

Only after that membikinkan home to handle the front set of legs including Tromol, calipers, discs of the Toyota Kijang, which move the steering wheel is set by the home owned by Mitsubishi L-300 passed on the tie rod from the Toyota Kijang.

Use the hind legs and arms swinging Tromol Life supported balljoint from Honda's Suzuki Carry. "With those legs I took from the car parts, each partnya be working properly so that the buggy is perfectly feasible way," added Tayun.

To support the foot xtremenya, kitchen runway taken from the Yamaha Nouvo is upgraded again to generate more power is big. TDR's wearing Piston 63mm-24mm 28mm valve supported from Honda Sonic forwarded KTC combination roller 7 & 9 grams supported by CVT from KTC makes this engine powered 280 cc.

"My Machine Nouvo upgrade my own, so be it become first-engined buggy Tarakan matic on Earth," his father from Ferza cap. ADT / tito

Tromol, KALIPER, DISC FRONT: Toyota Kijang, SCHOK AHEAD: Ohlins, swing ARM FRONT: Hand Made, stir HOME: Mitsubishi L-300, BALL JOINT FRONT: Toyota Kijang, pedal SET: Toyota Corolla, MASTER REM: VW, GAS TANK : Honda C-70, Tromol SET BACK: Honda Life, BALL JOINT BACKGROUND: Suzuki Carry, wheels: Honda Jazz, BAN: Good Years, Seat: Toyota Landcruiser, ORDER: 1.5 Gas Pipeline dim, modifier: WORKSHOP JATAYUN / TAYUN RACING Modification Jln. Dr. 2005 Coral Soetomo Balik - Tarakan East Kalimantan (081 350 102 608)