MODIFIKASI Honda Supra X '04

MODIFIKASI Honda Supra X '04 famous mocep trend makes me anesthetized. Deliberately chosen because the chassis rear Supra
more fitting if the faces made mocep model. Let tongkrongan mocep impressed fashionable couple
kupercantik parts.

Impression kiss the earth after the shock front without using pear shockbeker kuperigid. No less extreme rear also let more ndeprok I took off the ground. The more brave front rim rear beam kupake V Rossi white color combined with Mizzle 50/90-17 tire rubber.

The more his voice thundering exhaust gas with a touch of Charisma's I put MODIF. After memodif turn some parts of my touch MODIF clothes. Red lights up my heart that impression mocep option more attractive.

Armed with platinum paint with the added touch of adding the live bike graphics. After memodif MODIF put my turn to some variant of the supporting parts.

Such devices are perched tackometer the left side of the disc wheel disc Supra following the hanging of the rear wheels.Yosie, Pamulang Permai 2 Blok F no. 16 FC