MODIFIKASI Suzuki Smash '02

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Smash '02 This is the motor force that often dipake kenceng daily. Simple with bright colors and toys legs cingkrang Yusto a typical besutan from Lampung but neem science to this hometown Anang KD.
"Lightweight and quite kenceng make dipake seputaran city," says the guy who lectures in this UNEJ Drs. It is essentially besutan plate estede Amendment in order to reduce part weight trimming. Check out brands Everace rim exchanged scrawny brown color with a matte finish which simple vertical bars.

Crazy again, the front brake instead released a patched disc rear leg caliper Nissin discs. So when the brake only the rear brake ,reliably sewer!

Create the look, the body also be commuted. Left-right-wing half middle removed. In order to clean the cables been shortened, instead only the gas and spark plug wires are visible. The rest of chromated such as tanks and machine Kalter. Views rehearsal is so typical mothai Yusto favorite. .: Roel

Rim: Everace V-Shape, BAN: Mizzle 50/90/17, KALIPER: Nissin, disc: variation, sokbreker BLK: Yoko, Tromol: CNC, exhaust: Custom.