MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio '06

MODIFIKASI Yamah Mio '06 Gods island of Bali has styled JDM style, if style Otre tuh evidence there was also enthused. What have I Wayan Dian Sutrisna besutan origin Jl. IB Saputan No. 8 Denpasar.
"I can MODIF hobby, so when I'm obliged follow-up ngetrend JDM dong," the reason. Mio enough modified minimal basis only. Striping orinya removable stickers so that increasingly plain white bottom, then cutting motif sticker kanji berngaran Tien and neatly taped.

In order not to be monotonous play stickers, MODIF elements involved added. Right in front of the chest hollowed and fitted mouthpiece glued karbu variations around like an addition to the wind to karbu.

Furthermore, the headlight shell added Visor mounted slanting slightly downwards so visible. Legs attached to the tube tomorrow almu from Posh, brake wear width with calipers that have been painted red.

Create back not less exciting, Mio ori disc clamped by the right hand that must supplement Brembo calipers bracket dewe of thick iron plates. Jap Domestic Market style this Dian guaranteed not outdated with contemporary trends. | Neo / DNR / Roel

Spek MODIF:SOK DPN: Posh, discs: My Bug, SOK BLK: Yoshimura, KALIPER BLK: Brembo, BAN: DeliTire 90/80/14 & 110/80/14, OIL COOLER: Variations, exhaust: Password, LAMPS DPN: Angel Eyes, stabilizer: Posh, mirror: koso, modifier: Yudi Painting Jl. Denpasar whistle