MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 1997

This is the story of Honda Tiger (HCF), home modifications Ciilat village of origin, Sukadana, Ciamis, West Java. UUS Husnaeni evaluated the builder has a lot of fans of champions contest of aesthetics, and so was his persistence that handmade inlaid detail in every component desain.

As the motor was named Kraknaji 250 Supermotard. Hawex try not to buy the components so. "The whole frame itself is made with a minimalist concept, similar to European designs supermotard motorcycles," explained UUS.

Not only the design, ergonomics are also considered. The owner, Aries Syalphone Dongkal market origin, Ciamis and moving field. He was sometimes there in the streets for their daily work, sometimes he got down off-road adventure in some event follow-up.

"Hence, all should be designed perfect. For example own tank design, slim, but fit quite a lot of gasoline. Arranged to accommodate seven liters of gasoline. Not only that, strengthening the chassis in the center and back-bone-style nets tubular.

So tiger look his output in 1997 is a good option to represent his soul. Despite having repeatedly metamorphosis. "It's pretty, inyong really (I really so)" shouted Ivan the face handsome.

Japanese Style is consistent with the character and the personality of Ivan the simple, minimalist yet slightly mischievous. Do not bother, this white singletons do rubahan Jap's Style

Hmmm ... the uncle was acting, not acting tablets shaman, ... wah ... wah ... can-can smell incense. The first step taken is to replace the tank and seat model. "I choose Yamaha DT tank because this is the most fit. While the duo tone upholstery made separately "said Agus Djanuar. Eits whoa bro, this is not orsi gasoline container you know. The reason these DJ Agus tracings orsinya DT, and in redesign with fiberglass. Mantaf .

Jap's style looks more obvious with the installation of the handlebars of the Suzuki TS jadul trail. Next section legs. Airs next gesture belongs GSX 400 full set with triangles and the rim. Lirik hind legs, swingarm plus sokbeker and grimy unitrack Aprilia 125 RS.

The back also counted accurately. Swing arm for example, if made with CNC machines from aluminum composite material and steel. "The shape model of banana or banana for a variety of considerations," explained UUS.

Apart from a short wheelbase and nimble form, it comes to minimizing, if plunged into off-road terrain.

"This is very ridiable Motor. Weighing 98 kg with 142 cm wheelbase and seat height of 52 cm. Overcoming stuck in the mound, ground clearance is set 35 cm HCF in numbers, "said builder who hooked wear this hat in the style of Jesse Rooke.

Uniquely, UUS sold separately made components. The entire package began chassis, swing arm, seat and tank he priced for Rp 7.5 million.

Cool, euy!


Airs: Yamaha WR 125
Handlebar: Renthal Fatbar
Exhaust: custom Nobi
HCF: 0813-2319-7759
Mizzle 110/70-17 front tire
Mizzle 130/80-17 rear tire
Brembo front disc
Cagiva rear disc Mitto
Stabilizer Aprilia RS 125
head lamp:
costom suzuki shogun
handlebar: ninja aftermarket
exhaust: yosimura made in bandung by kang Saipul
Body 1:
Condoms with airbrush-tank
Rear-body with 97 original airbrush
body 2 last up date:
2000-original rear body
97-original tank
-Hood: Made in Yogyakarta
- Sock front: upsidedown aprilia 125
- Sock BLK: monosock ninja 150
-Swing arm: Honda Hornet
-Wheels: Honda Hornet
-Front disc: Honda Hornet
-Caliper front: 1997 standard
-Disc blkg: Honda Hornet
Blkg-calipers: Honda Hornet
-Front gear: std
-Chain: Honda Hornet