MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio 2009

New breakthrough in the universe drag skubek Tjahjanto Miekeel Homeland done, boss MC Racing, West Jakarta. Collaboration with the tunner Thailand, Mio designed powerful and penetrating claimed seventh, 65 seconds in the 201-meter track. If it does note that much, relatively fast right, Bro?

If a cursory look at its form, it must be the eyes fixed on the body design features. "Indeed. Special frames. Use the framework of titanium, the total order weighs just 2 kg. If you've installed the engine and jockeys, baseball knows me," light bodied male is fertile.

Thailand is the framework of refined engine performance is also supported by the results of the White Elephant kilikan tunner's Affairs. "Here's just install a and setting it

With up to use a piston bore 66 mm, this powerful skubek cylinder capacity in the range of 280 cc. That means not too big bore him up. "Valve is very big. Suction valve 35 mm and 31 mm exhaust valves," added the bespectacled boy this.

Create a special valve, it looks sturdy. With 4.5 mm diameter rod (spigot ins) and 5.5 mm (ex valve). "Strong and proven qualified," said Miekeel.

Desain also quite extreme. Elevator (lift height valve) can be 11.3 mm. Also it seems that the duration and LSA follow-up extreme. "Power is in the high rpm. The proof is the rate of new motor seems tight at 50 yards. Under it's normal," he said.

If you look at the composition settings, rightfully so. With big power, energy transfer somewhat muted. In skubek, can pass the composition ratio and the roller.

Ratio and roller setting also affects the motor's ferociously in the run-down baseball. "Believe what not, this bike wear ratio of 19/36. Roller also average 14 grams," explained the man, who liked to race from that first.

Fuel gas supply is not too special with sophisticated karbu. Lha wong karbu capital instead Keihin PE 28 Honda NSR SP standard. Indeed direamer hell, until 32 mm. For settings in Sentul time, set-jet pilot and main 42-jet 145.

Interestingly, relatively simple Ignition sector. It is used for ignition coil AC YZ. But it's pretty standard CDI Yamaha Fino seconded. "Strong kok and sufficient to meet the needs of Ignition, 'said Miekeel from Jl. Kebon Jeruk 9, No. 20C, Kota, West Jakarta.

Yamaha Fino not only taken his CDI aja. But it also pully. Superiority, gede rollernya more than Mio and although smaller than the Vario.

"Rising higher. That's what makes this bike easy to setup to spin up," the analysis.


Exhaust: Hi speed
Valves: LHKCDI: 5VV
Piston: CPI
Cylinder head: CPI