MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 250 2004

If you can flirt, professional contractors who likes it simple. Mounts must also ridiable, let alone this Thunder owner Faisal alias tracker grasstrack players. Pas need a motorcycle daily, he then chose the flow of Jap's style which is close to the multifunctional trail bike scrambler alias.

"The choice of motors also have to ol skool. Thunder engine 250 is pretty big and the framework of classical simple modification which allows getting dimaui Faisal, "go to Muhammad 'Barbie' Subhan, modifier Motor Sport Foundation (LMS). He counted specialists like it is.

Gil-Shop Shop confessed working on this bike. Original frames are of course still be retained. Living options Renthal handlebars fat bars, tank model of TS Suzuki, upholstery Sissy bar-style staircase and trail and the unique rear motor sepatbor 70s.

Pursuit of comfort, the original Sok aka Thunder distilled lengthen approximately 5 cm. This is necessary in order to look fit and parallel to the motor through the choice of front-rear tire alloy 130/60x18 and 160/60x17.

Elements neat and detail, LMS-so appreciated. Pursue nuance , dirty plates aligned position motor. That means no number plate facing forward or backward, but sideways.

Sok behind Nagata chosen so that the synergy with the color white as a whole. Custom Paint Mafid from aikon take over. Not wanting to feel calm is lost, the design of the flag and start writing unique to Japan, Kamikaze ditoreh intentionally.


Exhaust: Supertrapp LMS
Front rim: TK 3x18
Rear rim: TK 4.5 x17