MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC 2006

the display, change the Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC racing look with a theme like this very often appear. But this time there is a fundamental difference from earlier works. That's because the owner managed to harmoniously combine the front and rear body design. Though derived from the two modifier is not acquainted. Even a great distance apart.

"Bodi Modified front of Lent in East Java, was behind from the Big Modification in Jakarta," said Sobirin the owner of the motor as well as the modifying re. This means that, truly fusion between east and west.

Obviously it Obenx, familiar calls Sobirin has reason confound the work of two well-known modifier of this. "At first crush on a design by Big tails, because the position of the exhaust like that make you drool," said a man who also started trying to learn to be a modifier at his home in numbers Kalibata, South Jakarta.

but saw the package body so that famous MX Lent, Obenx also be tempted. "Because the designs are inspired by Valentino Rossi's Yamaha M1 really fit with my character who like speeding," cuapnya length.

But because the intended use of the daily, the M1 model'd need to have a head lamp. "For the main light that uses light haunted bird Yamaha Jupiter-Z," said a man who also works as a fitness instructor in numbers Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta.

To combine the two parts which have made him fall in love is not easy. "We know it will be paired with a light touch needed to be reset so that the model fitting and harmonious," the story again.

He had to do breathing at some point so that the pull lines and curves of the model still connect. So also in the middle body. "Material that covers the fiber main frame is also made so that the motor looks to be bigger," he added. Indeed swelling motor dimensions needed if referring to the MotoGP motorcycle race in this arena.

Of course when you're done with the affairs of the election there lived body design variations that are stuck. Apparently Obenx including people who love the full color display with colorful aliases. Not only the entire body that made the cover in color, the legs also.

"If it was deliberately done. Because I am also an artist paint, so get used to combine different colors," he added confidently.

See for example the use Sinnob gear behind. It looks highly visible, because only here found the color red. "Purposely let me choose the color contrast was immediate, if muted colors become useless," beber 37 men this year.

So also in the front. Intentionally applied gold-colored calipers. "It's become crowded but still looks natural. It was so Tipa parts of which have had a change can be visible or prominent," beber man who had been studying in JJ Airbrush for this painting technique.

Bagi Sobirin aka OBEX, that's for modification of motor used. Yes, not just to be on display at home. This was evident because Jupiter MX 135LC this every day should be invited Wara-wiri with good distance away.

"My house in Kalibata while workplaces in Pantai Indah Kapuk, the distance is not a bit about it," the story. Indeed, if calculated, the total round-trip journey can reach 50 km per day.

But if this motorcycle baseball proved there is a problem still comfortable with the route like that. "Of course because everything is calculated for current conditions dipakainnya when making stages of modification," beber owner of this well-built body.

For example, when desainan fairing. "I'm not too big so that handling is still comfortably in the middle of traffic," said a fan of sunglasses.

Similarly to the sitting position with a new seat design. "It is my posture and position disesuiakan underbonenya Footstep," Rossi said this fan.


Front tire: 90/80-17 Battlax
Rear tire: Battlax 110/80-17
Front rim - rear: Daichi 17 "chrome
Airs next: Posh Thailand
Sok back: Barros
Exhaust: Custom