Modifikasi Yamaha Mio ' 07

Modifikasi Yamaha Mio ' 07

I'll still sit second class bench SMPN1 Pati, Robby MODIF tastes affairs should not be underestimated. 2007 Yamaha Mio official dropout style fashion show with daily use. "What is certain is feasible matching with invited JeJeEs en styleku," open Robby.

Doi happen coupled retainer Benny Benz paint 'n custom of opening outlets MODIF dibilangan Jl.Panglima Sudirman 134 Pati. Body is forced to cover the totality of fiber a touch overwhelmed.

The first destruction in skubek tuning fork is focused on the legs. Almost all the original components, has not appeared at work the kids this JCC. Unless the shock front, ranging from using the brand to hang ape handlebar, front and rear wheels, to suspension swing arm to cradle Kitaco monoshock model. All original design workshop this modification.

Talk to the legs, to make it look fierce in the rear, alloy wheels sized property Great 14x5inch Corolla-sized tires wrapped in 140/60, was chosen to give the image earlier. That staff are not oversized, 115 cc engine in Bore up to 150cc. "In order to power with hang outharmony, we bore up 150cc engine. But we just play in the block and the roller machine. Let not too extravagant," added Faiz.

In order to give a sense of security when gassed pol, the motor which cost up to Rp22 million this double disc brake is mounted. Muladi from disc to disc brake caliper JCC chose to use Kitaco. As for the brake calipers, brembo believed to give maximum results.

After the body seem more "muscular", so that the legs do not limp, stuffed jumbo-sized tires and both the front and rear. To rim, men prefer a custom friendly. "Let me bodynya matching with the theme," I am he. The size of that used 12 for the front rim and 14 for the rear.

To be changed like the Yamaha scooter concept of motor sport, suspension systems which have used the after-market brands are also diobok meddle by John. All done so that the motor closer to the asphalt. Even for a front shock accidentally turned off. "Let nungging rich motor sport," chortled the man who opened his shop in the area of Market Mobil Kemayoran, Central Jakarta this.

Similarly, the rear suspension is formulated to not only support the weight of motor qualified who is now increasing, but also artistic. Because he wants his bike in harmony with the sporty theme is carried.

Therefore, for every detail together with the theme, John chose the stern and congenital Yamaha R1 exhaust. This step is saying, quite difficult to apply. Consequently he must be willing to spare parts of motor sport was cut into pieces to fit stuck dibody Mio.

Foot and energy source was wrong, now switch to the semok body. Because chooper thick with the feel of the United States, air brush style defined American style. Plus the little use of body kit on the front snout, making Ersam waiting for two months, not in vain.

From the front cover customizing nancep following Nouvo fender lights to a stop lamp that apply from Satria FU. "first modif emphasis on body and paint effects game," she said.

Doi finishing Affairs pede choose a combination of orange paint pinstriping tattoo gold plated clear sweetened Spies Hecker. "By pursuing the universal view that contrasts the sector under carriage I garnish liquid electro chrome plating works Kanigoro Juwana," lid Benz. : Andre

head lamp: Nouvo-Z, stop lamp: Satria R, Indicator: Type R, Body: Customizing by Benz, paint / clear: Dutton / Spies Hecker