Modifikasi Yamaha Mio '08

In the realm of sports Modify, has long been developing the flow of fighters, who then split again in many varieties, including minor hyperfighter up fighter. Well, this concept can also be applied to the motor matic, as worked by Indra Andriyanto Banjarnegara origin. Yamaha Mio capital, which was already dressed up with Bodykit from fiber.
Bodykit itself is not really new, but still platform Mio is super smooth body. Its rounded shape is still clearly visible, although the front cover, fenders, side until the stern has been added fiber here and there.

In order not to leave the hallmark Mio, there are some constructions and shapes that remain dipertahanakan, especially in the middle deck. The main lamp itself was closed, leaving a sign to stay a small lamp on the right and left. Meanwhile, the side fairing plus add minimalist lips.

Meanwhile, the stern is trimmed abis. Because, Indra jammed with one set of rear lights Honda CS1 is a small but elongated profile. This form was deemed suitable to the character of nungging fighter.

Special legs, slightly wide profile wheels and gambot applied, let more ferocious. So sure, engines and CVT box rather dimolorkan. Self-created position back rest, without reducing the comfort of reduction of the road. Finishing the end, Indra combine red silver color without complicated graphics. To be a true fighter impressed and sporty