Modifikasi Suzuki Satria FU'05

Not wanting to miss a trend of longer booming, Eddyson Sitepu agree if Satria FU dioprek his stylish '05 Look at the garage Yudha Racing Modified Jogja.

"As I've reviewed in Otre, so that more and more in tune with the style mothai calter side curtain machine andy I paint a rainbow," said the boy bersapaan Ucuk.

Rainbow color blend even more when the whole body covers ciamik doi layers of paint with chameleon paint Sikken. "Iron-looking horse racing Kegaharan I also perfected the body cover that I coak," he added.

As a proponent of the legs of accessories, doi grimy TDR products as front and rear discs. Ride It almu rim output which is wound by the M1 at Comet pengaspal Mizzle 2.25-17 front and behind the building sector, the more entrancing legs.

The more detail again when threaded chrome-coated rear monosok appear in contrast with the framework that was painted orange. "It'll match the front sokbeker tube which is also chrome plated," said a boy born in Medan. The more powerful aura looknya racing on any side of the steering handlebar clamp doi making model with handlebar bracket variation Ride It.