Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX135LC

2007 Yamaha Jupiter MX135LC output from Singkawang, this ordinance has two components of brand competitors. Then, some of which cover the body instead of fiberglass.

Affairs to modify, like this bike, it rarely relies on fiberglass materials, like used pemodifikator. "Here a lot of play in plates, fiber does not sell," commented A Liong, owner of Jupiter MX.

Singkawang, West Kalimantan where artists mangkalnya plate. Includes MX 135 LC is owned by A Liong setelab material using 0.4-mm plate. Not surprisingly, the body can not manufacture a lot of bending a high degree of difficulty. More dominated by straight lines, eg design of the rear seat and the cover body.

Bend or curve to make a full plate body is more difficult than in broken like this in the MX 135LC. Besides, not all made from the plates. Like the middle or top underbone still retain the original cover. "It's just so impressed with sporty carbon coated.

The legs, like the back of adopting from Honda Tiger. "It's rare to have Tiger to apply bebak Yamaha," said A Liong. The purpose of the A Liong was rare for the Singkawang. Because of the large form of swing arm, of course there are parts that must be turned, especially near monosok.

Workmanship was neat, unfortunately not quite fit with the design sepatbor large wheel size. Impression is still oversized. Besides the legs, the front lamps are also picked from other brands, Honda Vario. "But the custom back in the house lights so confusing," explained a man who liked to collect this Japanese magazine.