Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX

Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 LC is cool, let alone modified, will the flow of whatever, the result is increasingly severe. The proof we show a few times ever.

For example Jupiter MX homage to the drag from Louth, Bangka, then Singkawang, Borneo, berbodi plates, and the identity of Samarinda garputalanya ducks have disappeared altogether.

Now, Jupiter MX 135 LC from Malang patterned MotoGP. Kiky Yulianto, the owner of the original City was indeed fond of racing Apples. Though he acknowledges, his racing career from the edge of the path alias so spectators.

Ardi near the same chance, the boss's Fiber Twin Planet, was predictable material modification, which uses glass fiber. It looks from the front fairing to the rear, all new body. "Because Kiky would insist on racing style, just his butt sekalilan nungging contrived," Ardi said.

Tongkrongan back so grim after the model designed undertail exhaust system. This custom exhaust enough to give a harmonious effect.

In parts of the legs also got a touch to replace some components. For example swing arm. Try to find a strong impression through the large swing arm design, even though so greatness.

For the main light was chosen because its model of the Honda CBR150 racing memorable. In addition, its size is also fitted with a custom body by Ardi. Then, to make the results of these modifications look great, game four colors on the body are mutually supportive and graphics reflect the aerodynamics.