Modifikasi X-Over Fighter Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 LC 2005

Jupiter MX 135 LC 2005 Hansen Kurniawan's home was looked dominant Purwokerto rectangle-shaped, body lines combined firm, and was reinforced by incision acute angle.

"Modify the MX combines some of the concepts," said Wiwin, Winoto familiar greeting from Win's Paddock Purwokereto. The initial concept, continued Wiwin, is X-Over as Honda City Sport One (CS-1), but let me not be a touch monotonous racing look and smell of Streetfighter.

With a clear stream modification (CS-1), stripped handlebars. "In addition to sporty and modern impression, the arena handlebars so much more clean. Because the characteristics of today's motors feature a simple impression, "Wiwin explained.

To create the look racing look, the modifier of choosing their tails like a Yamaha R1. Shape like a staircase contrived seat motor racing, but double-seater. The reason, many people who ask dibonceng if the motor is used to school.

Nungging impression intentionally created by lights affixed a small variation in the pools. Nungging due under the stern seat is up for using handmade swing arm.

Streetfighter his concept from which side? Please see the pipeline as well as tubular mini airscoop handles and side wings. Okay Got!
Front tire: 80/90-17 Duro
Rear tire: 110/70-17 Duro
Headlights: Nouvo Z
Taillights: LED Variations
Handlebar: Variations
Exhaust: AHRS
Footstep: Variations