Modifikasi Mio Low Rider

Poor again stricken fever low rider. Look at the work of Rohman Fatkhur against Yamaha Mio 2004. Dimodif Skubek the concept has a breakthrough new low rider. I not only lengthen the arm swing, but also widen the sokbreker front axle so that the longer, "said graduate engineering alumnus of the Islamic University of Malang (Unisma) it.

Interestingly, the concept is quite simple lengthened wheelbase. just add sleeves to a position at the front axle so sokbreker. Sokbreker also followed by the reverse front, so the position of the brake disc that was on the right side to be on the left. This technique carries the risk because the original holder in the rear calipers sokbreker right tube, now finished in front of the left sokbreker. "The installation of caliper is rather difficult, hence the need to increase the plate along the 50 mm so that there is room for mounting calipers," explained Fatkhur.

Other risks again, sokbreker standard elongated arm so tender result. Bakan while on the road test, stuck sepatbor iron triangle. The solution is to add oil sokbreker. Something wrong with the front legs, turn the rear and garapannya simpler. To extend the swing arm pivot arm to swing with the help of make a kind of bridge. To be robust, the construction of a hollow metal box made like a ladder.

Once completed, Fatkhur feels his work is not original sempurna.Konstruksi monosok back is not strong. Perceived, motor suspension is too soft and bounced. That's why he changed so sokbreker double on the left side. How, under the pretentious stand still taking advantage of the original position in the machine, just stand under the new shock absorbers made. And now it looks balanced.