f hell was real waterfall in the heat of the asphalt circuit drag race with my F1ZR mascot, but now I think another interesting challenge as well if the rally racing looknya perform grooming," Hendro Sarimun straightforward.

Do not want a wrong move, even to pick up outlets MODIF Sarimun Toms Airbrush flagged the matter set out spelled good finishing. Menomor trondol brought together the concept, framework-R F1Z little faces made particularly in the area severed tail stuck frame quasi limited to the stern bracket. In the area also dipancang board seats that are linked with a cylindrical tank of gas.

The more sporty while the front fork designed with style ayago forknya grafting as elongated as additional pake fork. Gripped by a strong upper tripple clam fired 20 mm iron plate.

Peek legs, should be made clear if the appearance abis nge-drag with a rim grafts almu berkawinan profile tires bald. "What's most visible action on the cylinder sets of the area, deliberately toothless with pengeprasan kubikin fin-fin until the figure looks smaller but sangar," pointed Sarimun.

Jack the total appearance, all out body dilabur brush pen, this time a cut is attractive with purple and white color dikombo bergrafis that in every part of the frame and legs.
"Do not be surprised if the glare of gas tank, coz like a giant battery, when cuman results similar color games old era battery products
Rim: Rossi, BAN: Swallow Drag Blaster, GAS SPONTANEOUSLY: Daytona, FOOT STEP: Yoshimura, CAT: Suzuka, CLEAR: Sikkens, modifier-BRUSHER: Toms Airbrush, Gedangan Sidoarjo