Both builder, Fery Saifuloh and Wardoyo, from garage G2C in Cinere, Depok, showing works at Honda Mega Pro 2006. They completely overhauled without wearing moge waste, just rely on local goods. Most important, they say, the motor must remain visible ciamik.

The concept of change in their motor home Yogyakarta Riandaru This refers to the new Ducati 848. "Incidentally koorporatif motorcycle owners, so during the process, run as a concept," commented Wardoyo.

Well, so that the local component could menemplok, disiasati by changing the frame and body are made for slim. That is, the dimensions of the motor is still maintained. For example, the wheelbase, though it was equipped with swing arm (swing arm) custom, still the same as the default.

Looks so extreme, the middle order plus a tubular chassis. New bone was sticking in the middle between komsttir and chassis. "The model is similar to a Ducati 848, but the dimensions of baseball greatness," continued Wardoyo.

The existence of an additional order affects the design of the tank. Not intentionally made large so as not fitting with the choice of legs. Like sokbreker picked ahead of Yamaha V-Ixion that is larger than the default. According Hery, suitable for sports with a fairing changes the concept of three quarters.

In addition to the middle frame, the stern also refers to the Ducati 848. Included also made undertail muffler design, the form of two funnel silincer body as the rear flank