MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter Z”07

Arif Priatmaja modifier, are familiar and ridiculous slang called Kemutz flagged Modified innovative experimentation on property kudabesi Satriya Officer Sakti. "Display a variety of devices combined funky racing-look," Arif point.

"Most Important comfortable when brought to school," said Satriya, students SMUN 1 Sentolo Kulonprogo who also joined in otomania Butthead Tempe Community. Funky shades of subtle touches of paint on the refresh dubcity style, also made a custom shell handlebars eagle eye model, the addition of the stern discs, front and rear are also pretentious variation. Including some parts of the dikromisasi.

How about racing-look?. "Proven real with the oil cooler, stabilizer, filter karbu, front disc width and free-flow exhaust," said Kemutz that looks up hoping the contest-oriented present quality performances in the city of Jogjakarta present
SOK AHEAD: Ride It, SOK BACKGROUND: Ride It, SWINGARM: Super Track, FRONT & BACK BAN: Swallow 215, racing wheel: Comet, MASTER disc FRONT & BACK: Nissin, KALIPER disc FRONT & BACK: Kitaco, DISC: Racing Boy OIL COOLER: Cool, stabilizer: Brembo, FILTER KARBU: Koso, exhaust: ADR Racing, AIRBRUSHER: Plentis Paint