Guess, the origin (base) this bike? Was Duck, skutik or scooters? See the "clue" (instructions) given this. If basicnya scooter, the modification is very common and only long only. Here, Antony Chandra from Ton's Chrome (TC) do not use the scooter, but the motorcycle market is much more prevalent and preferred type of woman. That made two clues given.

To elongate the body, Antony made a difference, ie without the use of retreat-retreat. So, there's no such connections are generally made modification. Anton adds order made under the deck length, with the seamless pipe material and diameter of 4 cm length of 40 cm.

"In addition to new tricks, also be more convincing for the safety factor," adds this long-haired men. After the order is obtained, subsequent work on the body. According to Anton, surely many people think that this view imitating Vespa. It is not.

Body recognized by it if this motorcycle Harley-Davidson inspired design seen from outside the magazine. Key features TC works clean and tidy and it was Anton who refused to inginya bike was crowded and complicated. Hence, he rarely played variation.

Like the hidden brake cables and and into the custom handlebars to prove clean and tidy. Handlebar itself uses 32 mm diameter pipe. as well as the screen, choose a calm so as not to crowded.

Though it was neat, there is little padding. Especially if talk of harmonization in its entirety. Especially the front, despite having adopted a Honda CBR 150 lights, seemed less harmonious with the body design. More fitting if wearing light round model.

No matter. But, back again, what kind of bike? In order not to peasantry, Yamaha Mio