MODIFIKASI HONDA SUPRA 2006.Back Arno Suranca twins kicked off the world and Ardi Birmansyah modification. Braakk ...! This time, the two retainer Twins Fiber Planet (TFP) is used Honda Supra as a medium of wild ideas. The results were phenomenal and gave birth to many innovations.

"The concept of modification is a duck but naked, was a not uncommon," said Arno.

It is during this subscription is made with the naked theme is motor sport. Because it is a new finding, then nothing is copied. This is a pure creation of TFP. "We do not want to change a motor sport, where its biggest challenges," continued the man of this crew cut.

Because of this obsession is the frame nothing is cut and changed. Still in its original shape and dimensions. even for the affairs of the tank, while maintaining the position under the seat.

4596hal2_supra3.jpgPerubahan radicals can be seen on the arm swing. "I create a new design using the design tralis as often done in deltabox motor sport," added Arno from Jl. Prince Diponegoro, No. 29, Batu, Malang.

That is one feature of motor sport naked homage. Because of the vital functions, searchable large iron pipes. "The choices are 2-inch diameter pipe," he added.

Swing arm that has been naked like this certainly would be more fitting with the use monosok system. Medium to full-custom body as well. "We own design using a single model sitter," added the man was putting this.

The model also made a pointed tail so impressive as the motor taut.While because his model has also led to a rooster, in the middle of the sort made fashionable deltabox additional chassis. All parts are made using fiberglass.

Unfortunately, the concept is so strong and striking, it still looks a little weakness on the business side of the finishing. Can be observed from the paint and brake cables are milling about.

Too bad.

Bolt ogah ON

TFP modification house famous as a gathering place they are unwilling to use bolt-on products. "We are selling creative ideas, so if you can all it was made, not bought," said Arno.

That was demonstrated on Nanda's motor home this Blitar. That was evidenced in rims. "Although many product variations but still try to make themselves," he added about the circumference of the wheel attached to the bike club members this Tagasi.

Doi peleknya guarantee this strong and safe. It's the same with the front suspension that uses his own works upside down. "In East Java seputaran we are already well-known names as well as
quasi-makers, "said the man was 29 years longer to Em-Plus.

But baseball taunya full custom as well. For example for the handlebars, doi RoboCop forced to use models with the reasons for the request to the owner of the motor.


Rim: Custom
Front tire: Duro 120/60-17
Rear tire: 190/50-17 Metzeler
Sok back: Satria 120R
Upside down: Custom
Sein Lights: Supra X 125
Exhaust: Custom
TFP: 0856-3576-002