MODIFIKASI Suzuki Raider 2003

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Raider 2003
If considered as a whole, this bike has changed totally. Suzuki Raider looks and features have virtually disappeared altogether. Then come contezt, changes like this be reckoned with in the classroom Xtreme. But wait, there still seems strange.

Observe the tail and body center. Visible between the rear wheels and the seat is empty. "It admit that the design could not be fit," said Irfandi, a modifier of the garage that do 2XP Pontianak.

The contradiction between these two sectors are very disturbing. Strong arm and a big part, but the framework for such a thin and upholstery. Harmonization side slightly disturbed in this sector.

"On the arm I use pro arm of the Honda NSR SP, but then again so bigger," said the man was thin. The additional layer and the redesign was to use fiberglass. Fortunately a good model of the condom so it does not reduce side pull a single swing arm design like this.

the top using a sub frame which is knock down. "That's because I want to make a long tail. But if you get bored, that extra-pair can be dismantled," continued the owner of this curly hair.

To unify the framework of this additional use of L size 8 mm bolts as much as six seeds. "In addition to booster seat, also became a kind of bracket for the muffler," said a senior modifier in this equatorial city.

When both parts are completed before Irfandi realized there was a gap that looks so empty. Outsmart that he try using the exhaust from the Ducati 969 moge. Selected because it has a large size. "With a thick muffler like this, then fill the vacuum gap can be a little earlier," he explained.

Use monosock too fell open also give the impression of greater empty. "That monosock from minimoto bike in Australia, but a still life of a Honda CBR150 compared more tender because the original," this single again.

Actually in the modification of this bike there are some changes that contain elements of technologies. For example, the manufacture of condoms which could open the tank lid with a button. "I use the dynamo power windows of cars and installed a small ass. By pressing one button it can open up to a maximum of 45 degrees," he explained.


Front tire: 125/60-17 Bridgestone
Rear tire: 150/60-17 Shinko
Rim: Honda NSR SP
Pretentious back: Promax
Airs next: Triumph
Handlebar: Suzuki GSX400
2XP: 0813-4512-4647