Show courage, so choice mermak Chandra Honda Vario 2007. How color can not hold onto the yellow and red. But from this brave display the results did make a cool ride.

"I use blink to blend colors and matte finish so the results fit," she said as she took Tito from the workshop in the region jl TJM. Sapta Marga No. 6 Palembang.

Yellow screen mounted on a plastic body bertop Danagloss coat of paint so the results can be preserved for years. ornamental used cutting sticker kanji brand names and brands in order to impress a crowded and not monotonous.

"It's like a big-matic trends in Japan," said Donny. To be able to operate the water-sus, he uses a pressure 550 psi compressor. To Shockbreaker used hydraulic diameter of 4 cm is usually used on the car door.

Because funsgi shock only to rise and fall of the body, then add the shock Donny placed under the saddle protrudes into the front near the shield. Its function, in addition to set the compress and rebound, as well as to stabilize the body. To operate the water-sus, using two buttons placed on the middle stabilizer.

Fiber material Used to cover the front cover. Even the lamp head is Also Covered honda original Vario. This design will of give the impression was so Greater Honda scooters.

The lamp was a standard Vario Used! Can seem more narrow due to a new body to cover up to half.

Insiprasi taken from Bandung modif style is applied style house modif Geba Leisure Parts (GLP). Had this stern design applied to the GLP spectacular white Nouvo That Could some of Em-Plus cover.

"The shape of the box tail was fitted applied, while detailed, certainly different from Geba," added the WHO Had builder opened the garage is 5 years.

Another breakthrough from Donny, consider the shock front. He dared to adopt a monoshock. "Reusing the pipe and its model as the Vespa," he explained. In order for a custom look, that part was wrapped in fiber and chrome.

Not only that. Let's look at the lights. Home use mica lamp Honda Airblade and do something different, the inside is custom to use the model of projector headlights. Meanwhile, LED lights dusk already apply.

Used wheel rim side coil 17 inch wide 185, the coolest type of slick tires so that seems like a decorative rim hellaflush. Last finishing colors combined with bright red color on the cover of CVT, exhaust tip, Tromol, footrest, to the tube sokbreker. The results look more bold colors but ciamik diliatin. Two thumbs up for u deh!. | Neo

SOK DPN: WP USD, discs: Ninja, KALIPER: Brembo, rim: Venom 185x17, BAN: Swallow Drag Blaster 50/90x17 & 60/90x17, exhaust: Norifumi, mirror: Ninja, CAT: Danagloss, AIRBRUSHER: TJM Jl. Sapta Marga No. 06 Palembang Rt40 07115832844/08980859509

SOK WP USD: USD 300 thousand
NINJA discs: USD 500 thousand
KALIPER BREMBO: USD 200 thousand
Rim Venom: USD 300-500 thousand
Exhaust NORIFUMI: USD 300-750 thousand