Launching skutik retro Honda Scoopy by not making Yamaha undaunted. PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YKMI) expressed readiness to bring a similar product called Fino as a whole (CBU) from Thailand.

However, the Yamaha was still impressed by carefully exploring the market segment skutik "retro" in Indonesia. The survey results are less convincing to make the Yamaha Fino dissuade launched earlier this year.

"You know, the name of forest trabas first, if good then we go. Back when skutik good, others would follow. So, this is usually only in business," said Beti Dyonisius, President Director of PT YKMI in Nusa Dua, Bali, Saturday (29/05/2010).

Fino relevant marketing plans, Dyon explained that it could easily bring into Fino from Thailand. Schematic trade agreements between countries of ASEAN (AFTA) make the import duty (import duty) to be zero percent.

"We could have been imported from Thailand, it was an option. But if the production here (Indonesia), his preparation was not too difficult and only briefly. We'll see how animonya," explained Dyon.