MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 2008

MODIFIKASI Honda Tiger 2008
Modification of the motor with a single swing arm, not something special. But, the work of skilled hands spelled Handoko unique and - perhaps - somewhat rare. Honda Tiger 2008 changed so many combinations of European taste flavored American moge futuristic style.

Very prominent, swing arm and forks, both single. Here, the builder of the home modification BJM, Semarang, Central Java to design their own creations mengumbar.

"Indeed, there are several works of American-inspired. But, I try to apply and make their own designs, for it applied to Tiger," said Han Han, Handoko confidant calls.

Like foot-feet, 5 inches rim selected dikreasi own. Because gandot tire wear, so excuse him single swing arm design front and rear. To pretentious front manoeuvered single model. "If you need to use quasi double triangle the larger size," explained Han Han.

Futuristic body style built of a thickness of 0.8 mm galvanized plate. the main attraction when viewed from the side. Headlights are stuck with a small angle to the handlebars, like buffalo horns.

While the design of horns just beneath the engine. Machines protected by an additional order that characterized streetfighter. Constrained inner gas throttle throttle. "In addition to presenting a neat impression too different," proudly Handoko