Insanity? or Blind Love.

Ive known a lot of bike lovers in my time (and beyond my time), but every now and then, one reaches out and touches your heart like the Yamaha Ad of old (remember? "Touching your heart, theres a new day, summer sun rising... etc etc?).

What would you do if you had 5 Java/Yezdi machines in your arsenal and not enough place to park it?

Simple, dump them around (inside..) the house, better still, dismantle one and escort it right into your bedroom! Enjoy:

For those of you hitherto ignorant of the Java moniker, I urge you to go out and try one right away, as in NOW. (preferably the Twins..) I was fortunate enough to spend some quality time in Mysore which helped me get closer to the Java/Yezdi phenomenon, but then the factory shut down, like all good things coming to an end. The legend apparently lives on though, I routinely see some interestingly done up ones riding around town with the familiar missed beat gurgle of the mill churning beneath.



ps - the pics are from my phone, so... oh and by the way, am going to do a feature on the ENTIRE collection soon, a couple of them move/sound/look better than most other bikes out on the road today.