True Colours of a Ninja

I dont really have many posts of my lil baby do I? Well heres another one.

A lot of people ask me why black when Kawasaki's Lime Green looks so darn smashing! Well, I really dont know, its not that I don't appreciate the eye-catching appeals of Lime Green Kwackers, its just that I prefer a Ninja to be bathed in BLACK. For starters, it would look mighty odd if erstwhile Ninjas were caught trying to slaughter Samurais whilst dressed in vivid shades of green! (though a purist may argue that green would serve as good camouflage for forest terrain, what with Ninjas specialising in Guerrilla warfare and all that) My retort to the purist would be plainly that a smarter Ninja would have preferred to leg it during the day and save all his guile to fight at NIGHT, for which of course, nothing suits the purpose more than BLACK.

Ive always loved Black, theres something about the nothingness within it that draws me closer and closer to the dark side. White's a pain, to wash, to keep clean, to look at during times of excessive lighting. Grey is just not me, Black somehow, fits the bill to the T, er B.



ps - am not even gonna mention the other color options because they really arent "Ninja" for me. You see a bike's not just a bike, it stands for something, er I hope you get the drift, and I repeat, am not CRAZY.