Yamaha YZF-R15 Poll Update

I still havent had the time to test it, but the poll is going strong, thank you for your participation! Show it like it is!

44 Days left to Vote
5 Vote for the YZF-R15 bring a Rip off (My first impression on seeing the tech specs too)
7 Say the YZF-R15 is ALMOST True Value for Money (I would agree, but almost aint good enough for me)
4 Can't Say
11 Agree with the YZF-R15 being True Value for Money (really? Surprising.)
50 Give it what it truely deserves (IMHO, and my Vote too)/(hardly surprising.)

Its odd you know, the way the mind works, when I'd started out setting up this poll all I wanted to put in was a Yes and No, then I thought, wait a minute, what about those that cant make up their mind? (there are some who dont really have a mind of their own, rely a lot on others, and upon hearing both good and bad, end up being undecided, nothing wrong with that, that option takes care of the "Grey Area" usually found in most polls.

I decided to add another 2 options, what about those who felt the Yamaha YZF-R15 was ALMOST Value for Money? That it lacked, but lacked only little, and what about those that felt the machine was a complete Rip Off? (I was sure there would be some), so there you have it, 5 options ala CAT Questionnaire, but 5 very poignant, thought provoking options.

There are 44 days left to vote (I've timed it to coincide with the launches coming up around Diwali, after which most talk/polls/opinions about the R15 would be relegated to online forums and just that), so WATCHA WAITIN FOR?