There are tricks or clever steps that try to spread this Jogja modifier origin. The goal to be the result of modifications to the Yamaha Mio looks remain harmonious. Harmonious in every part, not mutually oblique. Once philosophy

Recognizing that the debris in the legs are 'excessive', the body must follow. "To retreat, the rear wheels is enough reason to look long term," said Aji Rahmanto from garage Njiex's Custom (NC) this.

Aji make a retreat-retreat up to 35 cm. Custom rear rim is applied has a width of the palm 8 inches. "Long as it still fits if it's really quite extra-wide rear rim," added resident Jl. Urang times, Km 7, Yogyakarta.

After the rear wheel is installed, just deh Ajik, greeting familiar feel so strange appearance of the motor instead. "That's because the body is still the standard. So it looks oblique between the end of the body with the tire position," added the father of this child.

By reason was that, then the long tail again contrived. The addition is about 10 cm and tapered. "No damage to the framework. For just adding tail fiber spliced into the original body," added another Ajik

Choose a design such as stop lamp uses scraped from the Honda CBR150. "Hence, following the tail design. Kan is more tapered than have a Mio," he explained.

On the front is also done with a pinch of replacement Mio Soul. "More Soul sip lamp life because it is more convex. Bodi-added motor length became visible," beber man 29 this year.

Unfortunately the front and rear wheels are not or have not completed sepatbor. However, if they can be made and adjusted models, certainly will be more sip. Options exhaust feels not quite fit the theme.


Front tire: 140/70-14 Tire Deli
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Dunlop
Front rim: 3.5 inches Custom
Rear rim: Custom 8x14 inches
Exhaust: Termignoni
NC: 0857-2933-4455