MODIFIKASI Honda Vario CBS 2010

MODIFIKASI Honda Vario CBS 2010

In photo shoots, body modifiers bongsor, Kindness 'Big' Rahmanto says, since recent years enthusiasts modif fixed. "However, most of the area. Comparison 80: 20 with Jakarta, "said boss Big Modification (BM) is

One of them belonging to Muhammad Kamaruzzaman CBS Vario aka Memet. The man who located on Jl. Hero Cemetery, Baiturrahman Mosque, Banda Aceh, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) has a high taste matter modification.

"Mas Budi, please made Honda Vario my good. As has appeared in MOTOR Plus, "brief to the Big Memet as revealed through long-distance line-Pisangan Old Banda Aceh, East Jakarta.

Memet TTM task given the alias without face to face to the Big proceed with sending a skubek to outlets BM. "I never met face to Memet," I'm Big

According to Big, the focus of modification on CBS Vario Memet on staining and the turn around the legs. "Basic color purple (purple). I added violet pink to give an elegant effect, "explained the father of two children.

Big just add a body kit on the front. Sepatbor, headlamp shell, left-right tebeng everything is plate. "To give effect given sweet chrome accents on the left-right. As well as in sein, "added Big.

The use of disc brakes perati Ninja 150 on the back of the changing technologies owned by this Vario. "Automatic his CBS released, was not functioning," close this Yudes husband.

Well lo? CBS appliances not so whiz Vario latest generation. This is why even removed?


Rear tire: 160/60-14 Michelin
Rims: OG Wheel
Speedometer: zero
Muffler: Big Modification
Spion: Big Modification