MODIFIKASI Suzuki Skydrive | Stabil berkat Engine Stabilizer

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Skydrive | Stabil berkat Engine Stabilizer
Modifications skutik homage to low rider dominated the two brands, Honda and Yamaha. For other brands, such as Suzuki was counted with the fingers. Moreover, these experiences indicate if the brand is less stable if you lengthen the wheel axis because the model-turned withdraw different.

This factor makes Hendri Chopper from Roda Jaya Motor (RJM) in Malang, East Java, was challenged to modify the Suzuki SkyDrive 2009. Moreover, the use of withdraw-withdraw up to 30 cm, "It feels very unstable," Hendri story.

The solution, Hendri adding stabilizer such engines by relying on variations of the original sokbreker make Yamaha Mio. "Therefore, if seen at a glance from behind like there are two sokbreker. Actually, that function as shock absorbers suspension is only one sokbreker," tergas rpia 30 this year.

This stabilizer, bolted to the bottom-departed departed and welded to the top in order. Thus, while meswin backed away, he said, remained stable at inflection. "This is a step that could prouded and should be exhibited.

Although a wide body kit on the side, aim to highlight this stabilizer. If shielded by the body, said Hendri, nobody cried. Body kit made of hollow fiber was given motif to highlight the stabilizer.

For the entire body rely on fiber materials, leaving only the front-rear lights that are still original. For low flow rider there are two genres, namely finshing and appearance. Hendri choose the latter, with reason, other than horse like this modification, the original is still recognizable.