Kawasaki ZX-9R 2010

Once There after you have a number of advantages by wearing your helmet “even if you are just going around the corner” because you never know. Other issues are dust, bugs, rain and the wind itself that can get your attention and makes you uncomfortable, not letting you concentrate in your driving, which is more important. I ride a street bike, a Kawasaki ninja ZX 9r so I choose for this bike a full face helmet and you can actually feel little stones and 

pebbles hitting against the helmet (picked up by the car, or truck, or other bikes in the front of you). I have been riding motorcycles for many years, say the last 9 years, and I have been able to experience many situations in which you are thankful that you have a helmet on.

Not only are we talking about protecting our head in case of an accident, because the accident probably will never happen, but we 
are talking about protecting our head in many different ways. Whether we have got ourselves a dirt bike or motocross, or a V Twin cruiser, or a street bike, or an ATV, or even a scooter, we realize the need for a motorcycle helmet to protect one of our greatest assets: our own head. The last couple of days usually (at least for this cases) have been really exiting, we have just purchased our first bike.  Way too often we find ourselves scratching our heads and realizing that perhaps, it will be a good idea purchasing a new motorcycle helmet.