SPESIFIKASI Yamaha SZ, SZ-X, dan YBR 125 | Melucur di India

SPESIFIKASI Yamaha SZ, SZ-X, dan YBR 125 | Melucur di India

Besides Indonesia, Yamaha is also aggressively working on the Indian motorcycle market. In that country, hit the market with the launch of Yamaha motorcycle sport directly, ie SZ, SZ-X, and the YBR 125.

For the SZ and SZ-X, Yamaha installed a new engine and a four-step-cylinder air-cooled, SOHC, with a capacity of 153 cc. Yamaha India claims, extra energy for this bike is set up to lower-middle rounds, according to the characteristics of traffic in India. This model is equipped with a fat exhaust pipe containing a catalyst to reduce emissions.

The YBR 125 touring aka targeting commuter market with affordable prices. This version holding 123 cc engine and four-speed transmission.

Yamaha also took veteran Bollywood actor John Abraham, at the launch. All three models Priced 47 000 rupees (USD 9.16 million) for the YBR 125, 49 000 rupees (USD 9.55 million) for SZ, and 52 000 rupees (USD 10.14 million) on SZ-X.

"The launch of three new models this is Yamaha's commitment in providing world class products for consumers in India. We are confident that this motorcycle could capture the imagination of all generations in India who desire more capability, "said Yukimine Tsuji, CEO of Yamaha India.