SPESIFIKASI All-New Mega Pro | Meluncur Senin Besok

SPESIFIKASI All-New Mega Pro | Meluncur Senin Besok

Every month, Honda constantly releasing new hero to the Indonesian motorcycle market. After the Revo Matic, was confirmed in August, exactly next Monday (9 / 8), Honda launched its latest product All-New Mega Pro.

Certainty is known after the launch of PT Astra Honda Motor to send a formal invitation to the editor KOMPAS.com, today. The launching and testing will be done in one day.

Honda intentionally take advantage of the moment of the fasting month to boost the interest of fans of sports motorcycles before Lebaran.

All New Mega Pro supplied a new engine with a capacity of 149.2 CC, smaller than previous models (160cc). Honda Mega Pro brings in two variants, plus a disc rear wheel casting and spoke (the radius).

Price, reportedly cheaper than the previous model. despite this, Honda has not given exact price. As refrensi, Mega Pro old with a rim radius priced Rp16, 9 million and Rp18, 07 for the casting wheel (on the road of Jakarta)

The form also made a new gas tank-style hi-mount to make it look more muscular. Especially if you look a little kebagaian underneath, then there is the semi-fairing design that makes Mega Pro more sporty like moge.

For the legs the first time Honda Monoshock suspension applies to the motor sport his mid-end class. This suspension system also features two springs, upper and lower, that the spring can be set below the level of softness.

Part kitchen runway also overhauled by Honda. Manufacturers are cramming machines bearing the wing 150 cc 4-stroke SOHC 5-speed with technology XRP (X-tra Performance Responsive Engine). Armed with the new innards New Mega Pro capable of generating power of 10.1 kW at 8500 rpm with torque of 12.8 Nm at 6500 rpm.

Honda New megapro Price Range:

There are two variants of the New Mega Pro offered by AHM as a producer of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia. That is the type of rim radius (spoke wheel / SW) with the official Rp18, 3 million, and racing rim (casting Wheel / CW) at Rp19, 5 million are all on the road in Jakarta.