Honda launched the aggressive steps the three latest products, Scoopy, PCX, and Revo AT Techno in the last two months, returned by Yamaha. Garputala brand will also introduce three products Anyar, namely Byson, Lexam, and Scorpio facelift pasca lebaran September.

"Byson will slide first, exactly after Lebaran," said Paul Sugih Firmanto, Promotion and General Manager of PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Motorsport Indonesia, in Jakarta, last night.

After following Byson Lexam (duck transmit matic = betik). Motor sport type (Byson) and the new betik could look directly at the factory Kompas.com PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing, Pulo Ginger - Pulogadung, East Jakarta, a few weeks ago. Both units were parked facing each other and are still covered with black tarp.

To Lexam, Yamaha offers different characteristics with the competitors. If Honda Revo more on the Techno AT ducks in matik (fixed rear brake with the brake pedal like a duck before), while Lexam operation both brakes (front and rear) are at the handlebars. Then that will be marketed later Lexam injection but not the carburetor.

The launch of this machine is made on 6 November 2009 and Yamaha produce automatic variants Lexam first duck in Vietnam 26 November or twenty days later. 115 cc automatic duck, on the front and rear tires measure 17 inches.

That could happen because by using Yamaha Compact Automatic Transmission (YCAT) that cut the distance between the machine with the wheels up to 40 percent and allows the use of large wheels. By trimming the distance a machine with wheels that also, then Lexam will also be more nimble and agile to be invited to maneuver.

Data AISI also mentioned during 2009, sales reached 1,217,274 units duck Yamaha, while Honda managed to sell 1,659,764 units or 52.05 percent of total sales amounted to 3,188,585 ducks variant units.

Meanwhile, the automotive analyst Erwin Subarkah called rivalry between the two brands is very tight. That's because the customers of both brands have a very high loyalty.

"So if there is any increase in the number of sales it is true because of the references of the brand loyalists. Therefore, if a buyer wants to grow a new problem how to make these products affordable price, the issue of purchasing power alone. If marketnya segment remains unclear," said Erwin when contacted by Tempo.

As for creating a high purchasing power, is highly dependent macroeconomic conditions, particularly the financial sector. "Well that should be observed, now that interest rates how, trends how? Because 70-80 percent of the purchase of motorcycles made on credit," he said.

Complete Specifications Yamaha Lexam

* Engine: 4 stroke, single cylinder, 2 valve, SOHC, air cooled four stroke
* Capacity: 113.7cc
* Maximum power: 6.18 kW / 8000 rpm
* Maximum torque: 23.8 Nm / 6500 rpm
* Tank Capacity: 4.1 liters
* System: Carburetor
* Ignition: CDI
* Clutch System: Wet - Centrifugal Matic
* Transmission System: V Belt Y-CAT
* Dimensions p x l x t: 1.920mm x 680mm x 1.075mm
* Height: 760 mm
* Weight: 98-108 kg

In addition, Yamaha is also still had a Scorpio who has a new look aka facelift. It is said that variants in the sports segment will be launched before the Crash of Jakarta Motorcycle Show (Shoot), November.

"All that has been launched variant will be present at the Shoot. It must be more fun later," Paul said