MODIFIKASI Honda Blade 110 R

MODIFIKASI Honda Blade 110 R

Here it is, one of the races that would enliven the racing team racing competition asphalt Indonesia. Yup, Honda Blade Honda team Aries son Oei KYT Federal Oil Racing (HAPFOKOR). Setting solid race that would searched Widodo Wahyu as this racer, made of low compression settings based research!

"Just a little different from previous research. This time, playing compression 12.7: 1, "said Erwin Oei, mechanical HAPFOKOR team. Men who are familiar Akiang called this, teams need to be different with a new post. Yeah, last year became doi Honda tuner in Banten.

With this new team, Akiang try more lifting a Honda. so much talk about Akiang.

Because compression 12.7: 1, Akiang try to use Petronas fuel. This way since last year the team used BRT. Kan between BRT and Akiang brother. So there is discussion so bored. Yup! But to that, there are some changes that could be done in order fan Blade engine light.

Moreover, create lower spin and outsmart the Blade. Akiang more focused play in peace, neither the return noken profile. "Keep back innovation in duration. Find the right to spin down and up, "said the man his team managed by his own brother, Ergus.

So far, the duration of a match played in 270 º to suction valve (in) and 272 º exhaust (ex). Counts, 35 º valve in opening before the Dead Spot On (TMA) and close 55 ° after bottom dead point (TMB). 35 º + 55 º + 180 º = 270 º.

While the exhaust valve, 55 º before TMB opens and closes 37 º after TDC. So, 55 º + 37 º +180 º = 272 º. LSA With (lobe Separation Angle) 102 º. That ati, the motor is also capable invited fan in high rotation.

The duration of this again, still accompanied with the valve in 27 mm and 22.5 mm exhaust valves Sonic owned Honda. so, Izumi liner stuffed with piston diameter of 51.25 mm. Accordance with low compression settings, then the piston dome is made nor high. "Made with cylinder heads that just passed cuted 1 mm," says the man who hobbies are playing poker on Facebook.

In order to quickly get the help engine torque, Ignition also touched. First, through the role of a magnet. customed standard applications until now weighs 600 grams. Again the same with his team's BRT.

Use dry magnetic model. Also assisted fan through Balance on the right side engine. Balance weights made 200 grams. Finally, living setting at CDI BRT. "Timing, set to 4000-7000 rpm, the highest in 40 º. Lowest was 12 000 rpm at 34 º, "said Akiang. All in!


Tyres: 90/80-17 FDR
Sok back: Daytona
Front disc: TZM
Exhaust: Ahau Motor
Carburetor: Mikuni TM 24 mm