MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Soul ’08 Surabaya

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Soul ’08 Surabaya

Matic motor output see the latest trends and also trends modifications are turning to custom create a retro style of the Indah Jaya Hendrick Motor Surabaya build again a variation of the store's mascot-style Yamaha Fino Thailand.

Yamaha Mio Soul-Based Rearrangement just need some bolt holder body in the chest and the back cover to apply a full body set of the Yamaha Fino is imported directly from the land of Thailand.

Handlebar also taken an innate set of Fino all handlebar bracket. "Not too difficult in the installation because the base frame body set Yamaha Yamaha Mio Fino and did not differ far," said store owner who also provides a variety of full body set of the Yamaha Fino with different shades and colors.

Initially this 4 Mio in Indonesia will be launched in the first half of 2009 yesterday. In fact it is earlier AHM Vario Techno market in Indonesia. Either strategy is wait and see YMKI or still believe in the resilience of the sale of Mio Smile. Here are Mio Soul less desirable than the Mio Smile, but will survive with the onslaught YMKI new weapons AHM which has 3 variants at once?

Actually when this product becomes a new variant or at least a face lift from Mio Soul, is not impossible that will further enhance Yamaha's sales figures on automatic segment. If Mio Smile which replaced a sense-it's still pretty good consumer response, perhaps as a strategy for consumers lover dual head lamp (if this is of course very, very subjective;)) attracted to a face lift this Mio Soul.
Yamaha News Yamaha FZ16 or Bison seems not to be marketing this year.

from past experience, was originally also fro Vixion mysteriously in the streets with gossip named Viper. Until at least take a year to launch a new body and engine with support services and spare part management. So the biggest opportunity today is YMKI face lift Mio Mio Soul into the 4th generation, because only the changes in body sector alone.

His name is also the store's mascot variations, the legs shall perform a full aseso. Unique monoblock alloy wheels 12 "tires wrapped Deli make increasingly look cute. Schok front and back, disc, cover and exhaust CVT also looking slang typical motor thanks to the latest aseso Thailand. | ADT

Rim: Monoblock 12 ", BAN: Delityre 90/90/12-120/70/12, SCHOK: X-Speed - YSS, discs: Trusty, CVT COVER: X-Speed, exhaust: CPK, modifier: Indah Jaya Motor West Indah Raya Darmo Surabaya F-48 (0811321999)