MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja R ’03 Batu

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja R ’03 Batu

Hurray for M. Arief alias Pethex's who remained faithful to fly the trend Otre racing style. "I purposely lift back to the trend Racing Thai Style Otre appear once in early 2002 a moment ago was showing Thai Ninja full tank fierce," said arek Jl.Diponegoro Stone III.

Real cute, this time a '02 Ninja devirate conceptualized attractive with old Thai-style racing trend cut tank. cutting traveled with a slashing cut grinding aid on the side of the gas tank, then the result is closed cutting 0.8 mm galvanized plate with the help of welding asitelin.

"What is important when doing cutting tank, tank conditions must be absolutely free of gasoline, diesel fuel can be rinsed or dried in time to avoid the danger of explosion of the tank," commanded Petex's.

Cool finished working on the gas tank, turn body styling dressed. Kinclong chrome plated frame damaged, then the legs are also addressed with my perfect racing wheels wrapped products Anyar Thailand knobby tires bald.

Let the aura shine more spur horse, the bridge face accidentally anti lamp trondol contrived and fenders. handlebar was also evicted blue variation of the position of handlebar assembly bent into the gas tank narrow signifies the spirit of street drag bike.

"His name for the show only, not a lot of runways that tune up the kitchen, simply transplant piston TDR products, improve product wear BRT ignition and exhaust modifications MDD custom style," lid Petex's. | Tito / ADT

Rim: DBS, BAN: Swallow Drag Blaster, exhaust: MDD by Sikin, Stang: Posh, chrome: Eternal Klayatan, CAT: Kardiac Black, modifier: Modified Pe'e Jl.Jeruk 73 Bumiaji Stone