SPESIFIKASI Skutik QuatroNove X

SPESIFIKASI Skutik QuatroNove X

In addition to retro motor Sachs Pepe Minerva, Minerva was also stated that issue skutik new QuatroNove X.

But unlike Pepe has a retro look, QuatroNove X which looks arena can be seen in the Jakarta Fair (PRJ), this will be provided by a face that is more dynamic and sporty.

Like Pepe, Minerva brought this bike from Benelli. However, in PRJ, X QuatroNove not for sale. The presence of this motor in PRJ only for 'show off' before the official launch time comes.

Both products are Pepe and QuatroNove Sachs Minerva X have previously been shown in the arena they Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) mid this year.

"So (released), the start of the Q1 (first quarter) in 2011 at the earliest," said GM Sales and Marketing MMI Apong Arfiansyah to detikOto, Tuesday (05/10/2010).

Minerva Sachs Pepe is a retro scooter genre that takes the basis of the European motor Benelli Pepe. Motor is believed will enliven the motor retro trend in Indonesia.

50 cc engine which is usually held on the continent blue Pepe will be increased to 125 cc capacity to meet the tastes of Indonesian society.

While QuatroNove X is also taken from the motor Benelli has a sporty body with an aggressive design. The plan will be reinforced by the motor is 125 cc engine capacity is already equipped with water cooler and developed by the German motor manufacturer, Sachs.

"We still develop the engine," added Apong.

However, Apong still reluctant to reveal whether the two new scooter will be launched simultaneously or separately. "Still not talking about the launch. Whether together or individually," he said.

Capitalized, it looks beautiful, QuatroNove X is expected to be able to provide an alternative for the Indonesian market. Moreover, this motor takes the base of the motor QuatroNove X produced the Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Benelli.

While for the affairs of the kitchen runway, QuatroNove X will be reinforced by strong capacity of 125 cc engine that has been equipped with water cooler and developed by German motor manufacturers, Sachs.

"Development of the engine under the supervision and approval Sachs. 125cc which was developed specifically for the Indonesian market," said GM Sales and Marketing MMI Apong Arfiansyah to detikOto.

But what about later when the official price of this motor has entered the market."USD 15 million," concluded Apong.