SPESIFIKASI Minerva Sachs Pepe

SPESIFIKASI Minerva Sachs Pepe

Intention PT Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) to enliven the retro trend in Indonesia by bringing the motor new Pepe Minerva Sachs seems to become stronger.

Even the candidate's face motorcycle retro chic Minerva has been displayed at their booth located in the PRJ.

"Pepe already appeared in PRJ," said GM Sales and Marketing MMI Apong Arfiansyah to detikOto, Sunday (07/11/2010).

Apong divulge further if Minerva Minerva plan will be presenting this to the Indonesian Pepe fastest in December 2010 or early 2011 is coming.

And the presence of this motor in the face PRJ according to introduce Apong first before launch time comes.

"Not (sold). If not so early in December 2011," he added.

Drawing on the European motor base Benelli Pepe, Pepe Minerva too sure be well received by the Indonesian market.

Moreover, if in Europe there was only reinforced by the motor 50 cc engine, in Indonesia later the engine capacity will be increased to 125 cc.

Also Pepe Minerva Sachs alone has a fantastic design and tend to rounded. Minerva promoted retro design is claimed to be better than a retro design that brought the Japanese manufacturer.

"In Europe, this model is very successful in the market, and better than the Japanese design," said MMI President Director Kristanto Goenadi some time ago.