SPESIFIKASI Motor Conquest | Motor Penyandang Cacat

SPESIFIKASI Motor Conquest | Motor Penyandang Cacat

Disabilities is often difficult to drive a motorcycle, especially if there are defects that occur at the waist downwards. It seems that it is aware of Conquest.

For Conquest recently designed a three-wheeled motorcycle that can facilitate people with disabilities to travel with the bike without difficulty.

Particularly the design and appearance of the motor that is dedicated to the victims of this war also appeared to face a very stylist.

As quoted by Auto Motto, Sunday (04/07/2010) for persons with disabilities who use wheelchairs, Conquest design this motor to facilitate them. Because the back of the motor there is a door into place and out of the rider.

The driver does not have to come down from their wheelchair to ride this bike. Best of the motor design is suda Conquest meet tested and safety standards in America.

Meanwhile, for the kitchen spur, motors motto 'freedom without compromise' is reinforced by BMW engine capacity of 1170 cc which has been applying the transmission and there are six teeth speed pullback.

This motor has also been confirmed already quite powerful because it can accelerate from rest to 100 km / h in just 7.6 seconds with top speeds reaching 168.9 km / hr.