MODIFIKASI Honda Supra Fit

MODIFIKASI Honda Supra Fit

Adi Prabowo Magetan Creativity origin, Central Java, not just deserve to be praised. His work reminds us of the history of bike-engined motorcycles. The difference, kitchen spur accordance with the development of the present era.

So, in addition to a large machine, the treadle is switched paddle Footstep. indeed, here Adi flashback to history by using the Honda Supra Fit 2009. "I want to look classic bike," he commented.

Some of the detail and body design leads to a form of deliberately made bicycle. All frame and body reorganized by youths aged 19 this year. Here he combines with a Honda C70 original framework that looks at the front.

For the front suspension was also picked from the C70, so that the visible shells. Parents so strong an impression, this section created Such Springer. And according to Adi just view simply because the front suspension remained normal tomorrow.

a little unique, bucket-shaped tank design mimic fuel from the coffin. The lid of the cube, inspired by the recognition of HD community.

Which reinforces the impression bicycle seat. Starting from the anchoring frame to the saddle. Then, there is also a pillion. Slightly disturbing impression of a single parent with a pretentious usage of Yamaha Jupiter MX135. But, if not used will be aching body. Because the speed of motorized bicycles is now faster than outdaTE model.