MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 125 2007

MODIFIKASI Suzuki Thunder 125 2007

As a modifier, of course, creativity and imagination should not be restricted. If restricted, the result will not be innovative. That experienced Donny Ariyanto, when MODIF Suzuki Thunder 125 is owned by Jimmi Damanik. In essence, free to apply their imagination and creative independence.

"Jimmi wanted his motorcycle wearing a large size tires in the rear. That's it! The rest handed over all to me. But I think for follow trends Jap's Style is more prevalent, "said Donny is a friend of motor MODIF this office.

The deal has been going on between both parties, Donny began working on the motor of the sector's legs. "According to initial concept dong, namely the installation of a large tire in the back," added Donny had a workshop at Studio Motor Jl. Ciputat Raya, No. 42, Land coachman, Jakarta Selatan.

Yamaha TW 200, became the inspiration for this modification. Yes! 180/80-14 rear tire size specifications, know the kind with the development of motocross. This, forcing Donny kudu make a rim that fits.

"I wear 5 inch rim width of the car that re customed to fit in with," explained Donny cool rear tire around it. Once affairs rear tire is finished, be sure the tires can not be entered. For the swing-arm standard Thunder 125 Suzuki's too small.

Road exit, make a swing-arm and change the bottom of the chassis motor. This is where the modifier has the role of creativity points. Iron cross at the bottom of the motor frame must be removed, while the frame side of the roller a little and pulled out, about a half inch left and right.

Then own swing arm, made of iron plates with a thickness of 5 mm were deemed sufficient. Then, accompanied by shock absorbers affairs unitrack system. The goal, for the reduction is more comfortable at the same time monosock model.

Continue into the tank! Still take about Yamaha TW 200. That's because the perceived fit with the framework of Suzuki Thunder 125 is cut approximately 15 cm. While for the rudder, "custom handlebars fatbar model. But, triangle top - bottom also have to make repeated. Because, it does not work anymore, "surely this friendly Donny.

For the next ass that still rely on the standard factory default, Donny warned to Jimmi for normal usage. Yeah, do not wear too extreme scratching the ground like a motor to compete.


Mirror: PSM
Front tire: 130/80-18 Bridgestone
Rear tire: 180/80-14 Bridgestone
Sok back: YSS NSR
Motor Studio: (021) 9265 3870