Once you see the car limousine Dimensional character with a long luxurious look. Far exceeds the standard. Well, this is the car that inspired variants Gede Hariadi Satya, an MBA for the modification in his Honda Vario. "Just long, but not identical with the big-matic, that the market already," he said aloud.

He came home modifications is M1 with Asep Anggara as the main mechanic. When challenged to make a two-wheeled limousine, Asep turn the brain directly. "Because the owners handed over completely to our model," said Asep who lives in Bali itu.

Because averse and wants only big long-matic, then Asep not want to make a new body that is too wide. "Because it's big-matic feature before, so we make do not far exceed the width of a standard body," added the father of this child.

Depart with this theory, rear axle was driven very far. "retreat up to 65 cm," says this thin-boned men.

To make a retreat, this retreat, Asep must work twice. "First in the order exactly below deck, it means that in front of the retreat-retreat that is usually made of people," he said.

In order to make this area grow 20 cm long. thing that makes the deck now looks different than usual. Because they relate to safety, then the connection of this section using a large iron pipe. Reached 5 cm in diameter with a thickness of 2 mm pipe.

Because's handlebars. Part grasp made closer to the rider. "With this riding position so much more comfortable," sure this short-haired man.

Oh yes, back again to the problem was back. The second step is the installation of withdraw-withdraw 45 cm. "Quite long indeed, but that's the size that fits with the design rim and sepatbor back," added the man who hooked this smile.

Rear-wheel drive position and this should be considered carefully. Understandably, because of reckless instal Asep custom rims with 9.5 inch width. "Surely such measures is still the first one in Bali. We're desperate but still all look so harmonious," added a fan of this seafood.

Space width so as not to rub the tail is also due to design large rear sepatbor. Not like most sepatbor that only at the top of the tire, so this time around the wheel model.


Front rim: Custom 5.5 x 14 inches
Front tire: 150/60-14 Swallow
Rear rim: Custom 9.5 x 14 inches
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Swallow
Exhaust: Custom