MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja 250 2008 | Main Limbah

MODIFIKASI Kawasaki Ninja 250 2008 | Main Limbah

Biker Ninja 250R owners have subscribed moge dream. Because the display and the machine's capacity has led to a huge motorcycle class. I'll sip a lot more with style modif cc motor sport was on top. Well, make that wants to utilize waste modif, it's Robin from the X-Bike champ who was famous love playing it wastes a lot of tricks yahud in this Ninja.

"If you want to use waste, labored as minimum as possible to do a 'destruction' in the original gift," says Robin.

Doi intent is not to wear because the force had moge, er even many parts of the dismantled. Especially when it comes to forcing all the pieces of the framework. Unfortunately, Bro! Understandably not a cheap bike!

For this reason therefore to use plug and play system. This guy was selective in choosing the parts that stuck. For example, for the front tomorrow. "Purposely selected upside down from the Suzuki GSX 600, for exactly the same as komstir. So stay exactly without having to have destroyed," continued this small man.

As for the arm swing, Robin accidentally select a single model that looks extreme. "Many pro-choice arm like this but not to damage this, it is advisable to use Honda RVF 400. Because it only needs a little alteration," added resident Mangga Dua, West Jakarta.

evidence if this arm can finally mated with the standard tomorrow. "It was innate to monosok Ninja. Also suitable, are also more soft and comfortable," added Robin again.

When the installation is no change or adjustment. "But there is only the process of turning less than 1 cm. That, too, in armn not in order," added his friend Robin is not this Batman.

Because the lathed in the arm swing, Robin was sure if they want to re-use by default there will be no problem. In addition, if you're tired it can be sold again. "The price is definitely a lot of baseball reduced because only a few parts that turned," he said again.

So also with the selection of a rim. Using waste Ducati 748 with a consideration of course also without destroying earlier. "This rim is wider than the RVF or GSX600 innate, but when installed easily. Whether in front or behind," said garage owner on Jl. Mangga Besar IX, No. 28GG, West Jakarta.

It was very influential rim width soles. Especially for the appearance of a large motor. Front view so thick with 3.5 inch width. While to the rear, was added thanks to the stout 5.5 inches wide.

A smart combination for maximum results. For users of other Ninjas, of course, techniques like this will be interesting to follow.

While for the body only a few made the game. "Although a bit but the funds that came out quite expensive," action spontaneous.

The height of this budget due to the use of body carbon applied in some parts. Not carbon look . For example under the seat next to and around the speedometer. "For the little it must pay around Rp 3 million."

Expensive, yes?


Front tire: Battlax 120/60-17
Rear tire: Battlax 180/55-17
Rim: Ducati 748 handlebars: Honda CBR 600
X-Bike: 0815-1000-7420