MODIFIKASI HONDA CB100 1982 | Cafe Racer Lampu Taman

MODIFIKASI HONDA CB100 1982 | Cafe Racer Lampu Taman

View Honda CB100 1982 production was indeed referring to the flow of the café racer. The owner of the motor that is also the builder and serious thinking on this project. Principally new look without destroying the framework. Brief, as the name of only one word, Andre.

To get the perfect, willing to hunt Andre reference reference modification café racer. The design of the motor hunted Norton Commando, Moto Guzzi Triumph Truxton until v7. recognized, motor hang out been diligent glared at each day. "They are a source of inspiration. Therefore, this MODIF mixed form refers to the three motors that," said Andre.

In the process of cultivating, Andre did not want unsolicited. Especially for the affairs of the framework, a young 26 this year whose names are most unwilling to play the piece or circumcision framework. For that, all aliases are not subject to the standard left to fiddle with tooling.

"In order to maintain the originality of the frame, I purposely did not want to play pieces of the framework. Since I'm still more confident with the original frame construction rather than having to cut the factory default. Even with the new make. Anyway café racer typical motor aura is identical with a tubular-shaped chassis," said builder of Modified DJM this workshop.

so display as desired, Andre just playing around with the design of bodywork. Take for example the model tail wasp refers to Triumph Truxton. This sector is made with a fiberglass material is dimensionally slightly heavier and more constrained the length of the chassis.

"Therefore, do not need to cut the chassis aft again. Because with camouflage like this is enough," explained the owner of the workshop on Jl. Gatot Subroto, No.. 2, Pasuruan, East Java.

To make this wasp's tails to be in such a way, Andre has a unique tricks and tips. Moulds are used also spelled unusual. How not, he used ordinary glass lamps found in a city park.

The round shape has inspired Andre to be used in making the mall. And then, it marks a new glass lamps used to print fluid and fiber to fiber oval.

"The result was very satisfactory. It was also apparent precision and the desired oval shape is also smooth and neat," proud.

After being ransacked the aft sector. Turn the tank and cocky front that hit turn renovated. Andre admitted that this section refers to the Norton Commando. And to make it so similar to his lunch Norton Commando simple.

"To the tank, I chose the Honda CG tank. On the side of the fuel container was made slightly concave to accommodate the rider's knee," explained the brothers who settled in the area of Jl. KH. Abd. Cheng Loke Sing XII, Pasuruan. Certainly with this style of at once comfortable in the leg.

Sok front too. Doi prefer sokbreker snagged another motor. Chosen shock absorbers are the property of Honda Tiger. From this change is expected hang out looks solid because the tube diameter has more big. As a garnish, usually adopted rubber mounted on the motor sokbreker trail.

Next move on to cover the battery cover which has also been redesigned. Again, the fiberglass base material so choice. Design the cover of the battery cover is made similar to Moto Guzzi's V-7.


Front tire: 110/70-17 Swallow
Rear tire: 130/70-17 Swallow
Front rim: 2.15 x17-it Ride
Rear rim: 2.15 x17-it Ride
DJM: (0343) 431861