Last week (7 / 6), at the Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta. PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia (TVSMCI) launched its latest duck, Neo X3i. This motor is a refreshment of the Neo 110, which has been circulating since 2007.

Fundamental changes in the body front. That is the main lights are now placed in front of the chest tebeng alias. And Sein positioned on the left-right wing with outstanding form, making it easily visible from the front or side. Front light bulb filled with halogen species, claimed to have a radiance brighter than conventional bulbs.

Was the same chassis and engine with the first generation of Neo. "Nothing changes, simply adjust the front seat a new body, the engine is still the same," explained Pramod V Kulkarni, head of engineering R & D PT TVSMCI. But there are some components that are developed.

Because, now the kitchen is more durable runways X3i transformed through the development of these technologies. Hence TVS bold claim X3i machine with the slogan Duralife Engine. Among these is the use of roller rocker arm by a roller follower named TVS. With this technology, the trigger friction with noken as so reduced, so that minimal power loss and keep back so durable.
Second, a thin ring piston design. "Only 0.8 mm," continued the man of Indian origin usually addressed as Mr. Kulkarni's. While in other motor generally carry a thickness of about 1 mm. The effect of friction so low friction lower alias. Third, teflon-coated guide tensioner. Also given the same effect, besides making it more refined engine sound.

If you see the name, there must be a curiosity with additional X3i. Do not think the point of injection, because the Neo still use carburetors. Meaning there are actually pinned on the features, like in the previous Neo, namely i-Econo, i-Start, and i-Charge.

i-Econo form of indicator lights on the speedometer, will be lit when the throttle is at the economic level, his work supported the throttle switch. i-Start shows if the machine was ready to use the road
"It took about three minutes, the lights will die," explained Benny W. Marketing General Manager of PT TVSMCI. I-Charge was a charger feature, so that time can be ngecas handphone. Located under the left handlebar.

Next, let me know the performance, AUTOMOTIVE given the first opportunity to test it. The first impression when occupying the saddle and the hands holding the steering wheel, seating position and comfortable control. All the indicators could be properly monitored. Turn on the machine and after the indicator i-Start off immediately step on the gas. It feels like the old Neo.

apparently accelerated beginning in the run-down was not too much 'kick'. But it is still in the middle rounds up the top, start felt fierce.It's just that his breathing was shallow. Understandably, the character of the over-bore engines are like this.

After that, turn to try the top of my voice was rushed. Obtain maximum speed in the speedometer reaches 100 km / hr. Then the motor invited to maneuver in some road conditions. Apparently his handling when cornering pretty stable. But on a straight road (at a speed of 40-50 km / h) there are few symptoms of dizziness. Not because there was no traction wheels to asphalt lo, but I think komstir locking bolts loose. Must be set again.

Well, let me be more accurate, we also measure some important testing criteria. For acceleration, we use artificial Racelogic England. Please observe the results table. Oh yea, do not forget to also measure fuel consumption. With the use of varied, one liter of premium can be used for a distance of 43 km. Efficient enough to make a duck 110 cc.

Data Specification:
P x L x H: 1940 x 665 x 1075 mm
Type of engine: 4 stroke, SOHC, air cooled
Diameter x measures: 53.5 x 48.8 mm
The contents of the cylinder: 109.7 cc
Compression ratio: 9,35:1
Power: 8.5 dk/8.000 rpm
Torque: 8.5 Nm/4.500 rpm
Clutch: Semi Automatic
Transmission: 4 speed
Weight: 101.5 kg
Wheelbase: 1260 mm
Suspension DPN / blkng: Telescopic / dual sokbreker
Front brake: drum (SW), dual piston disc (CW)
Rear brake: drum
Battery: 12 V / 4 Ah
Tank capacity: 4 liters